Dean Mayer
Communications Director
Clif Bar,Inc.
“We received numerous emails from across the country thanking us for partnering with Planet Check and supporting the environment. Planet Check is informative, hip, thoughtful and current a blend that is hard to find in today’s commercial oriented radio. We strive to create partnerships with organizations that make a real, positive difference, Planet Check certainly fits the bill!”

Jon Sinton
Media Consultant, Founder of
Air America
“Planet Check is a great addition to any lineup. It’s a smart way to remind listeners there’s a big ol’ green world outside, and it needs our attention. Planet Check: it’s like that cool patch of grass between hot city sidewalks.”

Julia Butterfly Hill
Activist, Author
Circle of Life Founder
”I just wanted to write to thank you again for creating Planet Check!!
All of us at Circle of Life have been extremely impressed with the quality and sound of the reporting. It has a “hip” sound which is critically important in reaching out to new audiences who wouldn’t normally be drawn to environmental issues.
For the few weeks that Circle of Life had the privilege of being the sponsor of Planet Check, we received many appreciative phone calls and emails from listeners who loved the reports & delighted that we had supported it.

Josh Tickell
Author of “From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank”
Filmmaker “Fuel”
“Planet Check has the punch and power of a hip, modern production while maintaining at its core, a message and value system that is important
to the future of our ecosystem. Planet
Check makes caring about our world ‘cool.’
What more noble use of the airwaves could there be?

Mark Smith
Campaign Director
Farm Aid
I am a true believer in the value and importance of Planet Check and its creative ability to reach radio listeners with vital information on many important issues.
At Farm Aid, Planet Check Producer, Mo Mellady created two extremely well done 60 second radio segments using audio of Farm Aid artists Willie Nelson and Neil Young from the press conference. The radio segments captured both the message and the spirit of the Farm Aid event, and were broadcast nationally.

Radio is a vital medium through which Americans get information on a wide spectrum of issues. Planet Check is one of those rare entities that uses this medium to its full potential, educating listeners on issues that impact them directly, including accessible information on how to take effective action.

The airing of the two Planet Check radio segments has greatly elevated our profile to listeners. We hope that Planet Check is able to expand its reach via commercial radio; Americans will be well served, and organizations like Farm Aid, who depend on public support, will be able to continue their important work.

Dear Mo,
Just a quick note to thank you for the work you do on Planet Check. I share your
passion for educating the public about the environment. Your 60 second
spots are a great way to reach out to the people
and get them involved in environmental issues. Keep up the good work.
Jared Blumenfeld
San Francisco Department of the Environment

I wanted to write and let you know that West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc. (WE ACT) really enjoy your Planet Check spots. As an organization working to improve environmental quality and to secure environmental justice in predominately African American and Latino communities, we’ve found that your 60 second spots are a great education tool.
Helen Chin

Dear Planet Check,
My name is Alan Honadle and I am an officer and on the executive
committee of the San Diego Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Over the past year, our organization has been fortunate enough to be regularly profiled on Planet Check. The ongoing feature has been specifically gratifying. In the past, Planet Check has run
features on various Surfrider Foundation campaigns, including our Rincon Chapter’s efforts to establish the Reserva Marina Tres Palma The San Clemente Chapter’s Toll road campaign and others. Thanks for your support.