July 2018
How Green is Your State?
League of Conservation Voters turns environmental values into national priorities.

The National Climate Assessment really drives home how important it is for our government to tackle climate change now. But the only way that will happen is if we elect people who take this threat seriously — who are willing to take decisive action towards protecting our environment and stand up to special interests like Big Oil and the Koch brothers.

We will only win elections if we band together against Big Oil and their buddies in Congress now. CLICK HERE to learn more.

May 18, 2014
WGN’s Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling with Mo

April 5th Batavia, Illinois–Tom Skilling’s Annual Tornado and Severe Weather Seminar was created to educate viewers about the dynamics and after-effects of severe weather. It was open to everyone. Skilling created this seminar 34 years ago, along with Brian Smith, currently with the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Omaha, Nebraska.

No Backstage Pass? No Problemo, pun intended…Like that would stop me from meeting the Willie Nelson of Weather, Tom Skilling from WGN TV in Chicago, Illinois. Chief Meteorologist and beloved personality, Tom Skilling was cooler than the North Pole. After being told by several naysayers  (security guards & my own mother)”You have no press pass, you’ll never get back there to meet Tom,” I’m proud to post this pic. Unlike rock shows -where security is tighter than Joan River’s face-my M-Audio Recorder/Don’t Ask/Apologize Later/Follow the Guys in the Suits/Mentality worked! Props/Credit to photographer/video journalist, Susan Moran.

Last November in northern and central Illinois, several tornadoes ripped through the state. I was back in the Midwest; it was eerie.  I was in my Grandma Fern’s basement -under a table, taking cover -when I heard the warning. Mother Nature left a deadly trail in her path: overturned cars, leveled homes, dozens injured and at least 5 fatalities. I’ve been covering this beat for 10 years; the science is clear and convincing that climate change is happening–fast! It’s caused by humans. The entire panel of speakers at the aforementioned event was spot-on. For me, it was refreshing to know that others are gravely concerned about one of the biggest issues facing us today: the Climate Era.

“Nowadays,  every weather event that happens takes place in the context of the changes in the background climate system. Therefore, it is not surprising that significant trends occurring in some types are severe events. In general, the temperatures are higher, the sea level is higher, and there is more water vapor in the atmosphere, which energizes storms.”
Dr. Donald J. Wuebbles

The Harry E. Preble Professor of Atmospheric Sciences

Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois, Urbana

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Amy Martin

May 6, 2013
“It’s About Oil” Amy Martin

From Missoula, Montana…. It’s folk singer, Amy Martin, sings about the gluttonous times we’re living in.

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