PLANET CHECK is a 60-second green news report. These speedy, proudly rock-like productions have covered the gamut of all things environmental from peak oil, wireless waste, science, policy on Capitol Hill, soy dogs at ball parks, pesticides, tidal energy and more. Thanks to the founders rock n’ roll background, the feature regularly incorporates musical activists like Michael Franti, Neil Young, Indigo Girls, and Jack Johnson to name a few.

Founder, Mo Mellady with Erin Esurance

Mo Mellady of PlanetCheck.org 
Planet Check is the brainchild of Mo Mellady, an accomplished voice-over artist with a dedicated career path focused on strategic environmental messaging. She is a broadcast professional with a history of alternative rock (91X , Live 105) and talk radio formats, copywriting and production expertise. From 2004-2010, Mo was the voice of the animated pop icon, “Erin Esurance.”

Other voice credits include projects for Disney, NBA Green Week, Save the Redwoods, Nickelodeon, Cingular Wireless, Bank of America, Sony Playstation, Mtv.com, Cox Communications, and more. 
Ms. Mellady also has enjoyed being an emcee and performer for Green Festival, Health ‘n Harmony, and Viva Variety in the Bay Area.

Planet Check expands public awareness and action in environmental issues by informing, entertaining, and motivating its audience amidst events and news that affect the health and sustainability of our world. Planet Check was created to reach out beyond the choir by reinventing environmental news and reporting to make it both interesting and personally compelling to a broad audience. In the words of Julia Butterfly Hill…”To make consciousness cool.”

Planet Check was founded by Mo Mellady in 2003, in partnership with Jack Perry. This compelling sixty-second audio report on environmental issues packed a lot of punch in a short amount of time (:50 content/:10 sponsor tag). Charter sponsors included Clif Bar and Esurance. In 2004, Planet Check went national airing on alternative rock formats and Air America Radio Network. In 2005, Planet Check produced a one-hour pilot for Air America. Planet Check covered World Environment Week & Farm Aid, as well as participated in Green Fest, SF. In 2006, Planet Check began publishing weekly podcasts in a 30-minute program entitled “Planet Check Rocks” on Towerpod.com, as well as Planet Check minutes on the Westwood One Network. Planet Check covered the National Biodiesel Board Conference, Clinton Global Initiative and participated in a media panel at the Clean Cities Conference. In 2007, Planet Check sprouted into video production operations by covering Live Earth. In 2008, Planet Check co-produced a video on the food crisis for Comcast’s VOD Green Scene Channel. The feedback has been extremely positive, and as a result, Planet Check has developed a solid reputation for delivering real value to both its audience and sponsors. The Planet Check brand stands for quality and creativity along with a unique image and identity that immediately distinguishes its programming from everything else.

Jack Perry: Producer & 2nd Throat
In this business, you’ve got to have an ear. Jack has two.

With ears so fine tuned he can actually tell the difference between the sound of pouring a Columbian and French Roast, Jack’s coffee consumption has inspired the compelling nature of Planet Check production.

While his random access thought process has confused family members, clergy, and certainly possibly yourself, it has contributed a distinct and renewable energy to each Planet Check piece.

Jack’s use of sustainable editing and steam assisted lattes make Planet Check come alive. Listen closely to each piece, and you can hear the wind beneath his keys.